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Enterprise level Blockchain Technology Solutions
for Start-ups, SMEs & Enterprises

As a leading blockchain solution provider, WebNet Creatives
with it’s rich experience in developing and maintaining enterprise level
, helps clients by designing and developing blockchain applications
and SaaS products. With blockchain gaining importance, due to it’s
built-in security architecture, most of start-ups and major businesses
are making a transition by adopting blockchain integrated applications.
Blockchain has a decentralised network of computers connected
called nodes, which authorises and confirms every transaction
and keeps a distributed ledger (distributed ledger technology - DLT)
of all transitions in a chain of blocks.

From evaluating the blockchain value preposition to assessing the
challenges in integrating blockchain applications with existing
applications, WebNet Creatives experienced managers can help
implement blockchain solutions with ease. As a top
blockchain services company, major challenges
faced usually are that of data-integration and exchange standardisation,
data privacy, and most importantly the overall security
of the new solution developed.


Blockchain Applications

Blockchain technology used in various industries and application usages such as Medical services, Insurance benefits and claim settlement, and Digital Health record management.

Digital Insurance & Health Management Solutions

WebNet Creatives develops secured digital Healthcare applications powered with Blockchain technology. Whether it is Health record management, digital health wallet, to avail insurance offers and benefits to insurance claim tracking and settlement, we can develop, deploy, and manage secured health management applications for Clients.

Developing Smart Contract applications along with decentralized audits to overcome security concerns

Smart Contracts & Decentralized Audits

WebNet Creatives develop Smart contract blockchain applications, as part of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, to facilitate digital contracts and negotiations verified and executed when conditions are fullfilled. Additionally, decentralized audit is required to continuously investigate code for security flaws and vulnerabilities before public deployment.

Blockchain technology industry usages

Blockchain technology is changing how diverse industry enterprise applications work. From agriculture automation, home & office automation to smart transportation and smart energy solutions, blockchain is offering opportunities for companies to transform their businesses.

Delivering IoT solutions connecting assets, smart devices for real smart living services

IoT ecosystem and Smart living solutions

WebNet Creatives develops IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to empower your home, office or commercial establishments to deliver a smart living experience connecting smart devices. With over 100+ SMES and over a dozen partners, we are positioned to deliver smart solutions for your IoT requirements.

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Bitcoin and Ethereum are most popular crypto currency and are based on Blockchain technology