What Game of Thrones Can Teach You About Content Marketing?

Game of Thrones and Content marketing? Are you out of your mind? Just for people who already don’t know what “Game of Thrones” is – it’s an American fantasy drama television series based on George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels. As it’s a fantasy drama, its full of twisted situations, murders, and well-developed […]

Social Media Election Campaigns – A Game Changer

Social media election campaigns have been used in US and other countries during presidential elections. They have been used for activities such as promoting candidates and their work, engaging with the community people and to raise election campaign funds through fund raising programs. However in India, since general Lok Sabha elections in 2014, when Narandra […]

Law Firm SEO – Advance Search Engine Marketing Guidelines in 2016

We don’t recommend you do anything for which you require the help of a law firm but what if you need the services of a lawyer either for your business or need to recommend one for your friend? You straight away head for Google and look for the best law firm or lawyers in your […]

Content Localisation – Best Practices for Marketers and Managers

Does your business operates Nationally or Internationally? International market presents opportunities and challenges, language barrier being one. When dealing with multiple languages, businesses need to overcome content localisation, to get maximum benefits from their local online marketing efforts. If you think most people know and can read English, then you are wrong! Only 6 percent […]

Mobile Search Optimisation (MSO) For Better Mobile Search Rankings

You were really happy patting your SEO teams’ back on bringing top rankings for your company’s website. However the happiness seemed short-lived when you realised that majority of traffic to the website was coming from mobile browsers and your website wasn’t ranking as good as on desktop results. First question that crosses your mind is – […]

Mobile Point Of Sale (mPOS) – Future Of Interactive Shopping Experience

mPOS – which stands for Mobile point of sales helps merchant and retailers process payments on the go. Imagine you were shopping in a mall and when you head for the payment counter you find a huge queue. Just when you thought of leaving the mall without making any purchase, an in-store sales assistant approaches […]

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