Mobile Point Of Sale (mPOS) – Future Of Interactive Shopping Experience

mPOS – which stands for Mobile point of sales helps merchant and retailers process payments on the go. Imagine you were shopping in a mall and when you head for the payment counter you find a huge queue. Just when you thought of leaving the mall without making any purchase, an in-store sales assistant approaches […]

How Effective Is Your B2B Content Marketing Plan?

How effective is our B2B content marketing strategies? Have been able to address issues of our customers through these contents? How sticky or effective are our contents and are you consistent in your approach in publishing insanely great contents? As a Content marketing strategist (Yea right! That’s one fancy job title to write for!) these […]

Leaking Traffic and Leads

Is Your Website Leaking Traffic and Leads Behind Your Back?

It been Wait and Watch game ever since your organisation launched their new revamped website! 1 month gone! 2 months gone! But there is no trace of any soul trespassing the website! Is your marketing proving to be ineffective or is it the website the culprit which is leaking traffic and leads? Think of it! […]

Is Your Search Engine Optimisation Generating Loyal Audience?

Every business whether start-up or established, require need loyal audience who over time become their potential customers. Can search engine promotion campaigns help create regular audiences and what should be the objectives of the SEO promotion companies do? Is it to secure top rankings in search engines, generate traffic, leads or eyeballs or is it […]

Do colours influence buying decisions while shopping?

In this day and age of technology, our visual experiences on the internet are as profound and impactful, if not more, as they are in the real world. Colours affect our senses, mood, perception, like/dislike. Have you ever felt the influence of colours when you visited a website or a store and on the shopping […]

Website page speed – Improve Score in 15 Minutes.

It’s all about speed they say! A quick search on website page speed in Google will bring loads of informations and research telling you speed does matter and have been an important signal for Google in their search ranking algorithm since 2010. It was right so updated on webmaster central blog. Here in this article […]

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