How Google Translate Helped Get A Big Project

Published on May 11th, 2017


Everyone in business does extra for their clients and at WebNet Creatives, we are no different. But the story doesn’t end here. We always try to do things differently to be in the eyes of our prospect clients. Be it with the proposal, the actionable recommendations we suggest or design ideas.
Our sales team were recently invited, by a leading Chinese beauty and laser equipment manufacturer, as part of vendor selection process. The Chinese company is setting up their base and operations in India and trying to expand their products in the Indian market. We were among top 3 finalist from 15 vendors initially and as part of the final round of face to face interaction, we were called to represent our proposal.
The Chinese prospect client was a referral from one of our happy clients. To get an edge over our competitors, we had enquired about their language barrier and any preferences they had, with our client. Knowing the Chinese were not very fluent in English or our local Hindi language (it’s obvious), we thought to use Googe translate during the meeting to at least try and get our ideas and recommendations across to our prospect client.
Our team was the last to go in and we saw an ad-hoc interpreter being used to facilitate communication with the vendors and the clients. Our team smiled and knew instantly that we had an edge although this was yet to be proved.
Using Google translate to speak with prospect clients
Our Conversation started and what happened between us was interesting. We advised our prospect client to use Google translate to help understand their thoughts and also to get over the language barrier. They liked the idea. I’m assuming this is what would be going in their mind – “Wow – you know what that tells me? It shows your involvement and your ability to suggest solutions to your clients. We knew this gave a much-needed boost to our relationship and became a bridge for a possible partnership.
The majority of sales people are focused so much on the end result of the meeting – winning the deal – that they forget the basic principle of establishing a relationship first with a prospect. It’s human psychology that should be influenced to affect the sales decisions.
The best part was that they actually enjoyed taking to us. We were explaining the prospect in their own language using Google translate on our laptops. This made a huge difference in their perception about us and above all showed our commitment to understanding the challenges and willing to help our clients.
We immediately tipped the decision scale in our favor and were very confident of getting the deal. The deal was to create their online presence for three of their businesses along with managing online customer engagement programs.
The meeting went on for about an hour as we were having a healthy and open discussion. Other vendors spent maximum 20 min in the meeting. After the meeting, we were informed that it would take another 3-4 working days before the management makes a decision and informs the winning design and digital agency.
Client happiness when language barrier is removed and solved
Having performed well during the meeting, our team went smiling knowing fully well that we were able to create a bond with the prospect client with our suggestions and recommendations.
Impatient, as the majority of sales people are, one of our team members called the client, who had referred us the Chinese prospect, to know if he had any inside news for us. Surprisingly, after we left the meeting the other day, the prospect client had called the client to thank him for referring us to them.
We knew, by now, that it was only a matter of time before we got the good news from our new client. After two days, our sales manager received a call from the prospect client where he broke the good news of our agency being hired to manage their online presence and launch their brand activation campaign. The whole sales team was excited with the news and jokingly teased the design and development team to start learning the Chinese language to be successful in the new projects they are getting.
In all this, we learned that helping our clients achieve their goal, in turn, helps us, as a company, create a deep bond with the client which lasts beyond the projects and campaigns.

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