Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) Solutions

We develop responsive web applications and mobile apps turning handheld mobile/tablet devices as mobile point of sales (POS) solutions.

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) Solutions

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) Solutions has become defacto service delivery models for leading merchants and retailers providing quick and best in-store shopping experiences to their customers. With busy checkout counters and long queue, adding more POS counters are not only expensive but also ineffective in providing better buying experiences to customers who are less willing to stand in queues to pay their bills. This results in lost sales and business opportunities.


With mPOS solutions from WebNet Creatives, we help develop responsive web applications and native mobile apps that can run on your existing smartphones/tablets allowing in-store sales assistants to cater customers and easily handle their purchases providing them convenient shopping experiences. Having mobile point of sale (POS) devices at their disposal, your sales assistants can close sales transactions quickly by accepting and processing credit cards, discount coupons or even scanning the QR Code from customers’ mobile. Our developed mPOS applications will integrate seamlessly with your existing legacy systems working as an extension of your enterprise applications.


As a business owner, you can explore rich and exciting opportunities for sales growth using our flexible mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solutions. For merchants and retailers, who have never accepted card payments or would like to process card payments using existing mobile phones, our cost-effective mobile payment processing solutions will open new doors to expand their sales and revenue. Imaging your sales assistants having customer purchasing history and their shopping experiences enabling them to up-sell and cross-sell products along with offering discounts leading to increase in average amount per order.


Our expert managers will study the existing enterprise POS applications to leverage the business logics and develop a mPOS application that will support multi-device platforms to minimise investment into IT infrastructure. In fact existing mobile smart phones can be turned into point of sale (POS) devices by running our developed solutions.


Come and explore how we can help develop flexible and secure mPOS solutions for your business allowing you to close more sales, that you may be missing out on, besides helping you offer customised shopping and payment experience to your walk-in customers.

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