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Web Design

What constitue a good design?

A beautiful website isn't enough. With mobile users growing, both the mobile and the desktop user experience needs to be the best. So when our design managers approach a new design project, we need to ask our clients - "What would continute a good design?". A simple "different" or "latest" won't help solve the purpose as we need to keep in mind the end users, the prospect customers and finally the business interest. As websites are reflection of your business online, it is necessary that it speaks about your business and brand in particular, in a way that encourages visitors and prospects to do business with you. That’s where lies the difference between a good design and a bad website design. A professional looking website shows how serious you are about your business!

Our creating design team at WebNet Creatives includes young and skillful professionals with years of experience in designing creatives for businesses of all sizes besides having expertise in wide range of design and development technologies not just limited to XHTML/HTML , PHP/MySQL, Zend / CodeIgniter (CI) Framework, and AngularJS etc.

We expertise in the following areas:

Customized WebSite Design : We execute all of your innovative ideas to create a website that is attractive, unique and generate business.

Real Estate WebSite Designing : Websites are important for any Real Estate Agents to mark their online presence because of the fact that today the real estate sector has turned into one of the most competitive sectors.

Flash WebSite Design: We recognize how to balance the flash animations so that it makes your website’s content more relevant eye catching and to finally leave a strong visual impact.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design

Responsive website design uses fluid design framework and web designing process so that your website looks great on all different mobile platforms. Responsive website design also known as “Design for All” or "Fluid Design". It is basically presenting the website in a format that fits the screen size of mobile/tablet devices after detecting the media screen size using media queries. With growing mobile browsing, it may not be surprising if Google makes mobile friendliness as one of the ranking signals sooner then later.

Mostly people think responsive web design is only for mobile devices but it’s not fully true as there are so many different sizes for laptops and desktops’ screens too. We use universal image optimizers in our responsive website design approaches that gives a clear and faster loading images. At WebNet Creatives we make sure that your website must complete all the level of “Design for all” concept.

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Before designing a website one should be clear about the purpose it is going to solve or the goal it intends to achieve. Is it possible to come up with a website without your idea at the first place? surely not! that’s why we have a discussion to you. We request for your views, strategies and purpose.

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Real Estate Web Design Services

Websites are necessary for real estate agents or brokers to mark their online presence because of the fact that today the real estate sector has curved into one of the most competitive sector. We truly understands the various details of a real estate agent and broker. Hence we provide our professional web designing services under this category in two different modules.

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