Japanese Restaurant Customer Service

Customer Service – Brand Reputation Management

On my recent business visit to Japan, I had an impressive customer service experience in one of the local Japanese restaurants. The customer service experience shook me from inside and I’m still spellbound by the attendant’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Every business, both online and offline strive to deliver impressive customer service to their customers […]

WebNet Creatives Hired to Create Exhibition Branding And Promotion

It is a great pleasure to announce that WebNet Creatives’ team is hired by one of the leading Social change organization – IIP Foundation – to hire WebNet Creatives for not only creating the online branding of the exhibition to be launched – Kashi Ek Utsav, but also to do the online promotion of the […]

How A Right Development Agency Reduces Gap Between Expectations Vs. Reality In Product Development

The journey of developing a great web or mobile application starts with an idea. Linked with the idea is a natural expectation of a great product launch meeting the intended goal(s). You may be lucky to be a programmer and the ideator at the same time, and thus there is a greater chance of meeting […]

Are Google Local Guides Ruining Business Reputations with Fake Reviews?

What is a Google Local guides Program? As most of you would know that Google local guides is a global community of explorers and Google users who write reviews, add and share pictures of locations they visit on Google map and answer questions of people about local places. Local Guides program was earlier called City […]

Sales Or No Sales – Is Ecommerce Conversion The Bad Guy?

A lot is being talked about Ecommerce Conversion Optimization and how to increase web store sales by converting more of traffic into paying customers through conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques. Major brands are precariously placed as they are on top of customers’ mind! They are more vulnerable to online failure if they do not offer […]

Internet of Things Conference – #IoT2018

Recently IoT (Internet of Things) for Smart India conference (#IoT2018) was organized in New Delhi, India and WebNet Creatives team was invited to be part of the conference to explore business opportunities with industry leaders and discuss the potential of IoT technology implementations in the Indian scenario. WebNet Creatives is one of the leading IoT […]

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